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General Information

Dates of the upcoming retreats:


  •   Currently there are no retreats planned.
  •   Online Vipassana Courses are still available to those who wish to practice at home.

    The online 10 day advanced course is suitable for those who have completed the basic course in this tradition.

    A daily report/interview with the teacher will be arranged over the telephone or via Skype or Zoom. 

    For more information please contact us info@santi-dhamma.

Tradition and teachers

Our Vipassana meditation courses are taught in the tradition of Theravada Buddhism, according to the teachings of the Most Venerable Phra Prom Mongkol Vi (Ven. Phra Ajarn Tong Sirimangalo) who is a highly revered Vipassana meditation teacher.

The courses will be led by Carmen Karsters (Dutch). The courses are instructed in either Dutch or English.


Duration of the course

The duration of the course differs for beginners and experienced meditators.

Basic Course:
The basic course for beginners takes 15 days, including one day for arrival/departure. At the beginning of the course, you will get an introduction into the technique and how to conduct your meditation practice. After that, you will have daily, private reporting sessions with the teacher during which the exercises are further explained and the progress of the course is discussed.

For experienced meditators, the retreat takes 10 days. Private reporting sessions with the teacher will be held on a daily basis throughout the retreat.




The price of the course will be:

  • €570 for a shared double room
  • €895 for a single room

This price includes accommodation, tourist tax and two vegetarian meals per day (not vegan).


The price for the course is determined exclusively by our cost for renting the farmhouse and providing food to all course participants. In accordance with Buddhist tradition, the teaching is provided on donations (“Dana”) only. We do encourage you to make a donation to our teachers and cook at the end of the course, though, to cover their travel expenses and contribute to their living costs.

As mentioned before, we are a non-profit organization and our staff works on a voluntary basis. Contributions are welcome, as our staff dedicates a lot of energy and time to make this course happen for you.


What is Dana? Click Here.

Dana – Generosity

Santi Dhamma is a very young and small organisation. In accordance with Buddhist tradition, the organisation itself, operates on donations only. However, since we do not own any property to run our courses in, we do require people participating in one of the courses to pay for their accommodation and food.

Should you want to support the Santi Dhamma organisation and our activities, any amount of donation is highly appreciated and allows us to continue our work. Your donations will be used to cover the organisation’s expenses in terms of running the foundation, the website, administrative expenses as well as enabling people to participate in our courses who cannot afford to pay the full price. Also, any surplus funds will be directed towards building up a permanent meditation centre, aiming at ultimately providing the full experience on a donation bases only.

Thank you for your kindness, compassion and goodwill!

Noble silence

Our courses are silent retreats. This means that, besides the daily reports with the teacher, you only speak when really necessary.

Exclusion of liability

Santi Dhamma, as well as any meditation teacher and the voluntary staff, cannot accept any liability for physical and psychological damages, which may arise during the participation in one of the courses.

The offered courses are not therapeutic and therefore do not replace professional treatment for people with mental disorders or physical illnesses. In cases of severe physical or mental illnesses, the doctor´s or therapist´s consent is required.

No liability is assumed for the loss or damage of any personal items or valuables during the participation in one of the courses.

Santi Dhamma and the teachers reserve the right to deny participation in a course or to send the participant home early if he/she does not follow the rules and instructions or endangers himself/herself or others.


If you have any further questions or would like to register, please e-mail Carmen at

One may conquer in a battle a million men.

 Yet he is the best of conquerors who conquers himself.”

  -The Dhammapada -the sayings of the Buddha, verse 103-


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